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I’m a one-man team with a wickedly fast capacity to execute and evolve web design and search engine optimization with the full stack of SEO knowledge and web development, I serve as front end developer, back end developer, database administrator, copy writer, client liaison, and project manager. I play nicely with other developers.

HI, my name is Robert Corby. I am a freelance web master and also an SEO specialist. When building a website I consder the fact that a website must perform a high visitor retention rate for you and your client. I joined the internet game in 1994 and have been designing websites since then.

When it comes to discussing my skills, I must say I have quite an extent of knowledge in numerous areas. Over the last 17 years as a freelance webmaster and SEO specialistI have acquired these talented skills in use of learning what it takes to make the top of google along with a user friendly design. Below is a list of skills that I have mastered in my years of development.

SEO specialist and webmaster

E-commerce                 PPC Campaigns                 CFML
WordPress Drupal Joomla
C and C++ Ajax PHP5
Python HTML5 Flash
Java Script XML ASP
CQ and Perl script

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